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June 30 was a night to remember in the

city of Atlanta. Hosted by London B. Styles & DJ Guate, TianaRose LLC presented the Sold Out production, UNAPOLOGETIC. A fashion show for the Unruly, Uncompromising & #Unapologetic.

This brazen showcase which featured glamour, boudoir & high fashion, amplified the voices of women through fashion & dance. Removing the barriers that prevent women from expressing themselves boldly & unapologetically. 

Unapologetic prod. by tiannarose llc.jpg

Image: Made You Look Photo & Film; Latisha Guster


Image: Made You Look Photo & Film


Whether you’re a fashion person or not, this is an event you should have attended! With a collective of 14 designers/stylists, we brought variety of looks to the runway. This was not your traditional fashion show (but then again, is a TianaRose production ever traditional?).

Unapologetic opened with dancer Mira, performing choreography by Jennaya to "God is a Woman" by Ariana Grande; followed by a pregnant model gracefully walking the runway, representing the "birth of woman". 

This entire show was an ode to woman, defying societal standards of who and what woman should be, Unapologetically.

Unapologetic prod. by Tianarose LLC.JPG
Unapologetic prod. by Tianarose LLC
Unapologetic prod. by TianaRose LLC

Images: Dopesimag

TianaRose is known for pushing the standards and shining light on your "not so average" models. This diverse, all inclusive show featured plus size, petite & models of the LGBT community. Every moment was exhilarating, not one moment of silence. Attendees were ecstatic. There were many totally unexpected & unforgettable moments, like the fire eating model. Wait, fire eating?! Yes, she extinguished the fire with her mouth while guests mouths dropped! (Footage coming soon). Talk about sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what's next.

This California native producer Tiana Lee, has a total of 10 big productions under her belt, as well as a number of smaller showcases. With only 2 years of residency and the first fashion show production in this city, TianaRose just might be "one to watch" in Atlanta. [ click to watch the show! ]

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Images: Made You Look Photo & Film